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me. by narusasugaa me. :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 1 12 kingdom hearts II : Sora by narusasugaa kingdom hearts II : Sora :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 3 1 my_kh_deskopt by narusasugaa my_kh_deskopt :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 2 0 kh_deskopt by narusasugaa kh_deskopt :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 1 0 twillight_deskopt by narusasugaa twillight_deskopt :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 0 10 chibi_sasunaru_2 by narusasugaa chibi_sasunaru_2 :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 4 9 finally... by narusasugaa finally... :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 37 9 new_id by narusasugaa new_id :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 1 5 naruto_icon by narusasugaa naruto_icon :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 3 9 sasunaru_i_miss_u by narusasugaa sasunaru_i_miss_u :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 119 37 sasunaru_icon_2 by narusasugaa sasunaru_icon_2 :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 5 2 sasunaru_chibis_lineart by narusasugaa sasunaru_chibis_lineart :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 11 16 narusaku by narusasugaa narusaku :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 12 9 sasunaru_icon by narusasugaa sasunaru_icon :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 6 5 sasunaru_not_an_error by narusasugaa sasunaru_not_an_error :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 3 9 naruto_winter by narusasugaa naruto_winter :iconnarusasugaa:narusasugaa 2 7


im sorry
I’m sorry if I ever seemed distant
I’m sorry if I acted like I didn’t care
I’m sorry I was never around
I’m sorry I wasn’t there
I’m sorry if I hurt you
If Id torn trough your heart.
But the thing is I cant survive with out you
I hate us being apart.
I will always love you
No matter what people say
You’ll always be in my thoughts
Every single day
I’m sorry for everything iv done
For the things I say
But I love you with all my heart and that feeling will never go away
:iconkingo-rh:kingo-RH 201 7
I'm sorry
You're hurt now,
And I'm the cause,
Your smiles fade to frowns,
And it's all because,
I was without conscience,
I was without heart,
Now I want to say I'm sorry,
But I don't know where to start.
Words really can't express,
The sorrow that I feel,
For every tear you shed,
When my mouth had met my heel,
Friends are supposed to love you,
Friends are supposed to care,
But where the hell was I,
When you needed me there?
I was there alright,
But not there as a friend,
I was just some stupid guy,
Brining your happiness to an end.
I'm sorry that I've hurt you,
I'm sorry that you've cried,
I'm sorry that I'm not a friend,
In whom you can confide,
I wish that things were different,
I wish that things were fine,
But to my dismay I can't go back,
And change things through the sands of time.
All I can do is say I'm sorry,
For that is what I truly am,
If it helps then you should know,
I will do the best I can,
To hold my tongue from now on,
And to never hurt you again.
:iconxyrylis:xyrylis 72 12
I'm sorry
I know I've hurt you lately
And I'm so sorry
You were always there
When I needed you
If I was hurt you'd talk to me
If you were hurt I'd ignore you
I don't deserve to have you as a friend
Or even as my worst enemy
But for some reason
You're still here for me
I swear I'll change
I will be there for you
I don't ever want to hurt you again
I'm sorry
:iconbittersweet17:Bittersweet17 24 3
Separation by illbewaiting Separation :iconillbewaiting:illbewaiting 4,726 0 Frontier Twins for Nicole by Barlee Frontier Twins for Nicole :iconbarlee:Barlee 823 138 Out of the Water by katiedesousa Out of the Water :iconkatiedesousa:katiedesousa 22,685 3,577 stan by pspCHINO stan :iconpspchino:pspCHINO 10 0 KH: Two by azmin KH: Two :iconazmin:azmin 8,214 1,090 AkuRoku .... AxelxRoxas chibis by Ishikuro AkuRoku .... AxelxRoxas chibis :iconishikuro:Ishikuro 24 14
Axel x Sora - You Remind Me..
You Remind Me..
     Resting between the cool creme colored sheets of his bed in the Traverse Town hotel's green room laid Sora, the young keyblade master.  After a difficult task of opening yet another pathway in another world, Sora was happy to know that not only did the three had enough munny to stay in a hotel room, but enough to stay in separate rooms.  Tonight, Goofy’s strange noises or Donald’s annoying squawking wouldn’t bother Sora.  Sora cared for his two companions, but it was always nice to have a room to himself.  Sora chose to stay in the green room.  He found it much more relaxing to the eye than the red room.  
Oblivious to his surroundings due to his slumber, Sora wasn’t aware of a fiery red haired man in black making his way into the hotel room.  Although the sound from the portal did not wake him, he did stir some.  Axel made his way towards th
:iconshirononekojin:shirononekojin 96 142
Crazy KH Interviews Part 2
Lets start this off!!
..::::Interview with Axel::::..
Interviewer: Hello Axel, welcome to the show... once again.
Axel: *smug smirk on his face* Glad to be back! It's about time I had my chance in the fire light.....get it, FIRE light! Hahaha.
Interview: Nice pun there, but seriously, why did you respond to our advertisement?
Axel: Well first of all, I wanted to get Zexion there out of that castle. All he does is sit around and read all day. It would serve him some good if I burnt all his books, but anyway, I mainly wanted to address all the growing rumors.
Interviewer: Rumors? Do you care to elaborate?
Axel: First off, Roxas and I, well... um *thinks to himself*
Axel: We're friends.
*fangirls sigh*
Interviewer: So you are saying... that the people think your closer than that? How did this scandalous rumor get started?
Axel: I have no idea how these rumors about us got started. I mean, it's not like we went on dates or anything! *Zexion laughs to himself off stage* We just h
:iconzomgshaylex:ZomgShaylex 22 3
Crazy KH Interviews Part 1
Let's start this off!!
Interviewer: So Zexion, why did you decide to accept this interview? I mean, being out in public must be kind of difficult for you with all the fangirls.
Zexion: *cringes at the word fangirls* Well obviously I didn't come from my own free will. *rolls eyes*
Interviewer: I'm sorry. Is this a touchy subject for you?
Zexion: Yes, yes it is.
Interviewer: Well, have you any theories as to why these fangirls love you so much?
Zexion: .... I do have a few theories.... and complaints.
Interviewer: Would you like to share? I'm sure your followers are dying to here.
*hear fangirl in background scream "Marry me Zexion!" and faint*
Zexion: *blushes* Yes, well, my first theory is- the "emo" effect, AND DEAR GOD, I AM NOT EMO! But APPARENTLY- ANY GUY WHO HAS ANY SENSE IN HAIRSTYLE FASHION *gestures towards hair* is considered "emo" *actually makes air quotes* ....... moving on. Girls seem to be magnetically attracted to these "emos".
Interviewer: Wel
:iconzomgshaylex:ZomgShaylex 19 6
You don't remember me by Dahlieka You don't remember me :icondahlieka:Dahlieka 2,271 290 Naruto - Hinata: Merry Xmas by Arya-Aiedail Naruto - Hinata: Merry Xmas :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 926 98 Edward and Bella... lol by ravenwing136 Edward and Bella... lol :iconravenwing136:ravenwing136 331 142 Eclipse by kuridoki Eclipse :iconkuridoki:kuridoki 2,104 159



hyper/obssesed girl :3
Favourite cartoon character: sasuke,roxas,sora,riku & edward
  • Listening to: IPOD nano
  • Reading: twilight/new moon/eclipse kh mangas
  • Watching: pc

i think
love it's just
a fairy-tale.



my bff:

:heart::iconflippyna:=:iconmartyna-chan::heart: <- she is one of  the best persons in DA yup , SHE IS AN AWESOME ARTIST !! AND MY BEST SIS !! :hug:
:iconnewglomp::iconsasukesuperwolfninja::iconnewglomp:  <- she is THE BEST NARUTARD & SASUKETARD, the CUTEST friend and an AWESOME artiste !! hell yeah !! :heart:  


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Where are you now friend? I was ~SasukeSuperWolfNinja
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Oh hey :D !! I changed accounts XD I made this one just recently ... wow it's been years D;
... and I actually replied to this after a year haha XD
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Hi, It's me still: SharpFang12 from TEGAKI E XD i thought I'd check out ur deviantart acoont and I :heart: the Sora pic at the top

~Mira aka SharpFang12
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what up.
Hey, whats going on? 23/female.. come chat with me on this website CLICK HERE
My bff! Where arre you?? Why don't you comment my arts anymore? Why don't you load up any arts anymore?!
I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! :iconsadplz:
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sorry sorry i miss ya too T.T
but i was moving to USA hehe .. i dont comment nor upload cause i was busy with this (moving) .... D: sorry
Oh Okay. Is it good there in USA?
retro-style Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2008   Digital Artist
hey, just read your signature on a comment you made, the 'i'll make you a promise.. it will be as if i never existed' one, incase you've changed it before you read this ;) anyways it still brought tears to my eyes haha! fabulous gallery btw!
x r-s
narusasugaa Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2008
hehe yeah i love it too !!it was from the book new moon .. when edward leaves bella ... i wanted to cry but i didn't ... i think i will put it again ... thanks for telling me :D and thanks for watch my gallery :dance:
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